Ladies Denim

California is the birthplace of denim so it is only natural that they produce some of the best in the world. 7 for all Mankind and Agave jeans both use the same cottons and make premium denims with superior comfort and stretch. Both deliver stretch with an excellent level of retention memory. This basically means Read More

Funky Socks!

No longer are the days of “boring” menswear….well at least not for your feet! Men, next time you’re shopping, or ladies, next time you’re out shopping for your man, take a closer look at the socks that you buy. Think about trying to go for something with some patterns, stripes, or colors. The Italians know Read More

Fit, Fit, and More Fit

Striving for the best fit should be everyone’s goal. The best fits are arguably in the better products like Michael Kors or Bailey 44. Makes sense, better tailoring, workmanship, and fabrics results in a better fitting product. Like your mother always told you, “You get what you pay for”. We’ve all made the impulse buy Read More

Suit Trends Put Simply

Just because you bought a new suit, does not necessarily mean that the suit will look good on you. A suit needs to fit properly, the fabric needs to be appropriate for the weather, and the style of the suit should be modernized to today’s industry. Fit: When shopping for a suit, do NOT get Read More

Guy’s Shoes

Shoes are the makers or breakers of an outfit for the summer. Finding the right pair of shoes is essential to completing not only a specific look, but your entire summer wardrobe. So, what’s trending right now? For a summer wedding, try and show off your sense of style with a polished pair of brown Read More

What about Handbags?

Handbags are a weakness for most women! Like many of us you probably have them carefully placed on the top shelf of your closet or some other place specially designated for those fabulous accessories. The beauty of the handbag is the array of colors, styles and purposes. I love really good quality leather handbags. I Read More

Dress Trends

Dress trends are always exciting! Maxi dresses are the dresses of the summer season this year. The colors are bright, fabrics are breathable, and they just flow when you walk. There is nothing better than the swishing of a long dress on a hot day as it actually cools you off as you walk. Of Read More

The Sport Shirt Trends

What’s the deal with sport shirts now days? Are they supposed to be colorful or subtle? Trim or baggy? Pattern or plain? And how about those reversible cuffs? In today’s fashion world, where anything is possible, you can find yourself getting confused with trying to keep up with all of the different trends and fads. Read More

Beachin’ It

Summer heat has arrived, so ladies it’s time to heat up the beach wardrobe. Dressing for the pool parties, beach, and boating days makes us really think of what to wear on these sizzling hot summer days.  First is the fabulous bathing suit that took months to find. Now what goes over it is the Read More

Casual Summer Wedding?

You’re telling me I have to wear a suit to your outdoor summer wedding??? Guys, you may not have to ask this question anymore as summer weddings are becoming an increasingly more casual affair. Now just because the permission has been granted to wear something other than a suit does not mean that a sloppy Read More