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Colors for Fall!

Yes, I know, it’s a sad time of year. Your boat is starting to see it’s last work of the season, the 30 degree heat is slowly turning into 5 degree chills, and your shorts are slowly and painfully working themselves into the depths of your dark closet soon to be replaced by dark and Read More

Funky Socks!

No longer are the days of “boring” menswear….well at least not for your feet! Men, next time you’re shopping, or ladies, next time you’re out shopping for your man, take a closer look at the socks that you buy. Think about trying to go for something with some patterns, stripes, or colors. The Italians know Read More

The Sport Shirt Trends

What’s the deal with sport shirts now days? Are they supposed to be colorful or subtle? Trim or baggy? Pattern or plain? And how about those reversible cuffs? In today’s fashion world, where anything is possible, you can find yourself getting confused with trying to keep up with all of the different trends and fads. Read More

Casual Summer Wedding?

You’re telling me I have to wear a suit to your outdoor summer wedding??? Guys, you may not have to ask this question anymore as summer weddings are becoming an increasingly more casual affair. Now just because the permission has been granted to wear something other than a suit does not mean that a sloppy Read More