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Made To Measure

Made to measure is a great option for those who require custom measurement specifications that cannot be fulfilled with ready to wear clothing. It’s also the primary option for those who want a one of a kind garment, with each fabric, lining, button, and detail their own.

We are proud to offer custom clothing from Coppley and Stenstroms.



Established in 1883, Coppley has been the forefront of men’s tailored clothing for years. Based out of Hamilton, Ontario, Coppley uses the finest fabrics from the world’s premium fabric mills.

  • Custom suits starting at $998
  • Turnaround time as quick as 10 business days
  • Made in Canada
  • Suits, Sport Jackets, Dress Pants, Vests, and Overcoats


With up to 17 measurement and posture changes allowed, Coppley’s Accumeasure program is an effective custom option with a quick turnaround time. The order will be cut and completed within 7 working days before it is then shipped.

Made to Measure

Made to measure is for those requiring more extensive measurements and body configuration adjustments. The order will be cut and completed within 12 working days before it is then shipped.

Rapid Replenishment

Coppley’s Rapid Replenishment service offers specific list of fabrics chosen to create a suit, jacket, pant, or vest of your choice. The fabric is then created into the garment of choice at no extra charge for the customer. The Rapid Replenishment garment must be created into an existing Coppley model, with no measurement or extras added. Rapid Replenishment orders are cut and completed within 7-10 working days before they are shipped.


One of the worlds premier shirtmakers, Stenstroms from Sweden has been creating quality shirts since 1899. Create a custom shirt to your exact specifications with a turnaround time of 4-5 weeks.