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Beachin' It

Summer heat has arrived, so ladies it’s time to heat up the beach wardrobe. Dressing for the pool parties, beach, and boating days makes us really think of what to wear on these sizzling hot summer days.  First is the fabulous bathing suit that took months to find. Now what goes over it is the fabulous window dressing that pulls it all together.

Gone are the days of a simple pair of cut of jeans and the boyfriend shirt. We’ve evolved to a time of choices, elegance and yes, sophistication. Criteria is simple:

  • Easily slips over that fabulous bathing suit
  • Breath-ability
  • Needs to fit, you’ve got a cute figure so show it off

There are some beautiful gauzy, flowing fabrics with colorful prints. Many have a v-neckline with drawstrings that can be left undone and are flattering for most figures.  If you prefer less flowing fabrics, then try a fun belt over it.   This can be paired with your favorite linen, A-frame skirt, or capris.  Tommy Bahama and Michael Kors do a great job of these looks.

If color can overwhelm you, then try the crisp white linen. White on white is huge for the season, so don’t be afraid to over-do it. Yearning for color? The orange color which you see this season has been appropriately named “Holiday”.   I love the name as it evokes the feelings we want to enjoy on our days off.

The maxi has been a huge look this season and if you’ve ever worn one, you know how fabulous they are to wear on a hot day. In fact, Michael Kors has been doing nothing but maxis this season. While you walk you feel the air pass by your legs. It’s like built in air conditioning in a very fashionable way.

There are some beautiful knits from Tommy Bahama this season that are transparent and covering at the same time. Any of these looks will make you feel great with a very “I’m ready for whatever summer throws at me cause I’m styling” kind of look. Just make it fun!