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The Sport Shirt Trends

What’s the deal with sport shirts now days? Are they supposed to be colorful or subtle? Trim or baggy? Pattern or plain? And how about those reversible cuffs?

In today’s fashion world, where anything is possible, you can find yourself getting confused with trying to keep up with all of the different trends and fads. Don’t get overwhelmed with seeing a really skinny pant with a baggy shirt that has sparkles and a large alligator trying to eat its way out of our chest (because we know that is not what you’re looking for)

Instead follow these simple guidelines that’ll keep you looking sharp and in style (without having to succumb to the alligator.

  • Trim fit: Start with a trimmer fitting shirt. You don’t have to go to the skin tight look, but try something that offers broad shoulders and a tapered waistline. Try brands such as Bugatchi, Bertigo, Ted Baker, and Michael Kors.
  • Colorful and Simple: It will always be in style, so if you’re conservative don’t feel bad with choosing a shirt with no pattern. Instead, you can compromise by trying a plain shirt that has a colorful base. If you enjoy the sound of this, take a look at the Bertigo shirt line.
  • Pattern: If you enjoy a shirt with pattern, try not to over-do the look. A shirt with too much designs and sparkles can seem tacky. A smart colorful stripe, a nice paisley pattern, or a subtle floral design can offer adventure without going over the top. Bugatchi, Ted Baker, and Michael Kors can offer looks such as these.
  • Reversible cuffs: Why not? A reversible cuff can add that little bit of excitement to your outfit. To show, just simply roll your sleeve up one turn. If you don’t feel it is necessary, keep your sleeve down or roll it up past the cuff.

And there you have it, the simple guide to keep you looking in style and confident with your sport shirts!