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Dress Trends

Dress trends are always exciting! Maxi dresses are the dresses of the summer season this year. The colors are bright, fabrics are breathable, and they just flow when you walk. There is nothing better than the swishing of a long dress on a hot day as it actually cools you off as you walk. Of course short and strappy dresses work well for daytime outings and special occasion dresses.

A-Frame skirts are another big staple this season. This can be a separate skirt, or a dress with a form fitting top half and an A-frame bottom. This works fabulous for the not-so-tall girl looking for that flattering look. We have had more women try an A-frame dress at our suggestion with trepidation, that could not believe how flattering it made their figures.

Michael Kors’ use of color and graphic prints and stripes is very identifiable on sight to many of his loyal followers. He has nailed the sophisticated maxi dress in light fabrics in an array of fabulous colors with enough leg slit in the front to fool you that your wearing nothing. Michael Kors also has combined the use of the empire waist with the maxi dress. This combination makes a very flattering and elegant look.

The empire waist has been an important look this summer and is incredibly flattering for most all figures. Tommy Bahama does the empire waist in airy fabrics, soft island colors, and linens. They are a natural for those loyal beach goers, back yard parties, and just a more relaxed island holiday feel. They have a great line of scarves (beading and patterns) to coordinate with any of their dresses to change your look to relaxed evening attire.

Frank Lyman has also nailed the colorful maxi dress by using graphic bright colors in stretch fabrics that travel like a dream and feel extremely comfortable. They are also an amazing head turner. We were just at their factory in Montreal, and was in the airport when moving electronic billboards were showcasing his latest maxi dress that I had just purchased for our store. The dress definitely turned my head.

Whatever dress style and colors you choose, make them fun and above all, take them out for a walk!