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What about Handbags?

Handbags are a weakness for most women! Like many of us you probably have them carefully placed on the top shelf of your closet or some other place specially designated for those fabulous accessories. The beauty of the handbag is the array of colors, styles and purposes.

I love really good quality leather handbags. I always want to smell them like when you sit in a new car. The Satchel style purse with the optional Cross body handle is large enough to fit most all of your important possessions and converts to a hands free bag that is perfect for shopping and traveling. Both Kenneth Cole New York and Cole Haan do excellent handbags in these styles. Kenneth Cole New York is slightly edgier, while Cole Haan is simplistically elegant in their styling.

Manufactures have caught on that everything gets lost in the big purse by making them with pockets for everything. My favorite accessory to the big handbag is the VIP bag. This is a bag that has lots of pockets and zippered compartments for everything that you would put in your purse. This VIP bag then is moved from purse to purse. You now can coordinate your bag with your outfit. If you’re anything like me, it takes long enough to coordinate my outfit so this time saver is wonderful. This is a great addition to the popular Tote style purse that is void of a zippered closure. Again Cole Haan has nailed the Tote style with the optional Cross-body handle. They also do a great Mini Cross-body for traveling that is the perfect wallet ratio.

I see women gravitating to the pretty pill box style purses for a bit of glam versus the flat clutch. You can fit a hair brush and touch up makeup into one of these. Frank Lyman has done a great job of these to accessorize with that drop dead evening dress. So many choices! I think I need another shelf!