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Guy's Shoes

Shoes are the makers or breakers of an outfit for the summer. Finding the right pair of shoes is essential to completing not only a specific look, but your entire summer wardrobe. So, what’s trending right now?

For a summer wedding, try and show off your sense of style with a polished pair of brown leather loafers. This type of shoe will complement a dress casual outfit, such as a pair of dress pants and shirt, or even a blue or light grey suit. You won’t find yourself over-committing with an intense pair of lace up showstoppers, but won’t be taking away from the outfit by only going with a flip flop.

If you find yourself wearing a tone of shorts or casual pants for the summer, why not try and a find a casual Clarks loafer or a driving shoe. Colors such as off-white, taupe, brown, and orange virtually go with any pair of shorts or casual pants. Shoes such as these can be worn to the beach, on summer night walks, on dates, or just around the town throughout the summer.

Remember, shoes are the one commodity that must be extremely comfortable; therefore, finding the right pair that fits your foot is crucial. Kenneth Cole New York offers silver technology, which is a patented insole which is added into each pair of their dress shoes for extra comfort.

When it comes to shoe, leather is almost always the way to go; however, suede is one of the few exceptions. Leather forms to the foot and provides an authentic shoe look. But if that authentic look is not for you, suedes and nubuck leather do not crease like standard leather.

Lastly, a leather sole is always nice and high end; however, rubber soles are starting to take over as they add more flexibility. A comfortable shoe along with lots of flexibility makes for the ultimate versatile shoe.