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Suit Trends Put Simply

Just because you bought a new suit, does not necessarily mean that the suit will look good on you. A suit needs to fit properly, the fabric needs to be appropriate for the weather, and the style of the suit should be modernized to today’s industry.

  • Fit: When shopping for a suit, do NOT get a suit that is too big or too sloppy. Remember, a suit is not meant to be as comfortable as pajamas nor should it look that way! Find a properly tailored suit that offers broad shoulders and a tapered waistline throughout the jacket. The pants should offer middle to a short rise (dependent on the body type) and a tapered pant leg width.
  • Fabric: In the summer, look for a suit in the Super 100’s to Super 120’s wool which will offer breathability. Also, check out fabrics such as linens, cottons, or silk blends. Although these suits can look somewhat more casual, they will be appropriate for the summer heat! In the winter, look for a heavier wool with a tweed, herringbone, or hounds-tooth design.
  • Style: The styling of the suit is a very important factor to consider. Try a suit that offers a slightly shorter body length and sleeve length. Don’t be afraid to show off the bottom of the cuffs of your shirt beyond the jacket sleeve. A slightly smaller label width in a “notch” lapel design should be appropriate for every occasion (although exaggerated spread lapels are being shown be cautious as they can often look out of place for certain events). The suit should be in a two button with a single or double vent. Men, pants are the key! Find a pair that rounds the rear of your backside and follows a tapered look down to the shoe. The hem should not be too long nor too short. Find a comfortable length that works for your shoes.
With that, suit buying should be a little easier……we hope….. as it can narrow down the selection of suits to what you are looking for. Remember, fit is everything! Even a $5000 suit with a horrible fit can look as bad as a $75 suit from your local thrift shop!