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Fit, Fit, and More Fit

Striving for the best fit should be everyone's goal. The best fits are arguably in the better products like Michael Kors or Bailey 44. Makes sense, better tailoring, workmanship, and fabrics results in a better fitting product. Like your mother always told you, "You get what you pay for". We've all made the impulse buy when that little voice in our head told us that is didn't fit, we ignored it, and it lived out it's days in our closet.

Another contributing factor is buying for your body shape. No dress shapes are made for all body types, and the sooner you recognize what works best for your body type, the more enjoyable your shopping experience will be. Trying on every dress and blouse in the store will only lead to full blown frustration.

Here are some simple rules:

  • Larger Shoulders - Try closer fitting blouses so as not to add more volume.
  • Lager Chest - V-necks all the way so as to draw the eyes down, but don't go too tight.
  • Michael Kors has some terrific looks for you that will enhance your body shape.
  • Thick Through the Middle - Try things that drop from the shoulders down softly, things that gather on the sides (ruching or a tie on the side), and princess waist lines.
  • Full Figure - A shift style dress and blouse will look very flattering.
  • Tommy Bahama and Cocco Bella from Italy have great pieces for your body type.
  • Hour Glass Figure - The wrap dress is the ultimate flattering dress for you, and close fitting.
  • The Lean Figure - Close fitting pieces that draw your eye to a narrow waist. This will help accentuate your chest and hips.
  • Bailey 44 has some fantastic looks for you that will make your figure look full.