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Riviera Traveler - The UltimateTravel Dress Pant

Whether you travel for work or for pleasure, a good pair of dress pants is always in the suitcase. For work, the reasons are obvious, but for pleasure, you may find yourself travelling for a wedding, vacation, or visiting family and friends - all of which a "go-to" pair of pants is a must-have. The Riviera Traveler dress pant is that must-have travel dress pant.....and for good reason:
  1. Lightweight Fabric: The lightweight wool/blend fabric drapes effortlessly on the body and gives the wearer a luxurious feel.
  2. Washable: Yes, you read that right. Simply cold water wash, and hang to dry.
  3. Wrinkle-Free: Whether you're wearing the pant on the plane or taking it out of the suitcase, the Traveler will keep you looking your best with minimum wrinkling.
  4. Comfortable: The small amount of elastane incorporated into the fabric is the icing on the cake, providing maximum comfort and mobility.

For these reasons, the Traveler from Riviera is our best selling dress pant and is available in-store or online in a variety of colors.

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