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Blu By Polifroni

Blu by Polifroni, or Polifroni Blu as it’s often referred to, is the brother line of the well-established Polifroni Milano. Polifroni Milano has been around for many years and to some, is crowned the best wrinkle-free, non-iron dress shirt on the market (which we 100% agree on). The primary difference is that Blu by Polifroni caters towards a more modern customer than the Milano series does. This is due to the fact that Polifroni Blu is offered in a modern fit which features two darts in the back of the shirt, which helps the shirt taper the body nicely and eliminates unwanted extra fabric. The shirt also comes with a plain front that doesn’t have a chest pocket, unlike it’s brother. Both shirts are made of a 100%, 2-ply twill cotton that is soft to the touch and provides excellent breathability.

But, the best part about Blu by Polifroni is that it’s the easiest shirt to care for that we’ve ever had! You simply cold-water wash, hang to dry, and wear it……yes, it’s that simple! If you don’t believe us, we suggest you try one, and see how you like it. We can almost guarantee any doubts will be settled, and you’ll be hooked on the line! Offered in an abundance of colors, there’s something in the line for everyone, as they offer anything from subtle stripes to gingham checks to plains.

If you want to check one out for yourself, or simply just view the selection, click the link below.

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