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Saxx Underwear Penticton

If you are a guy, and haven't had the opportunity to try a pair of Saxx underwear, then trust us, you're missing out. We suggest that you start by kindly treating yourself to one or two pairs...and we can almost guarantee that your life will change (Yes, they're that good!). You may then find yourself obsessing over their newest styles, colors, and fits...but don't worry, that's a normal side effect.

The primary reason Saxx has won most guys' (and their significant others') hearts over, is because of their patented "Ballpark Pouch". This pouch is designed to keep everything in place thanks to their mesh panels.

The most popular style from Saxx is their Vibe. The Vibe offers a nice modern fit, with a 5" inseam (boxer brief). If you're not a fan of the boxer brief length, don't worry, as they've also introduced the Vibe in the 3" inseam trunk. If you're an athlete or enjoy the occasional workout, think about trying the Kinetic style. The Kinetic offers the wearer a more compressed, breathable fabric that's ideally worn when working out. If you're into cotton underwear, don't fret, as the 3Six Five style of underwear is made of luxurious Pima Cotton.

So guys, trust us, start with one pair, and we can almost guarantee you that you're life will change!