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Spring Pants for Men

Spring is finally here (depending where you live) and it’s time to put away those heavy wool pants, cords, or jeans and time to start looking ahead to the upcoming seasons. What’s big this spring you ask?

Cotton pants are a huge commodity this spring again! No these pants don’t have to be your dad’s old khaki’s, instead try some color. Light colors in the following are solid options:

  • blue
  • orange
  • beige
  • tan
  • cream

Look for a slightly slimmer fit which tends to be more flattering. Brands such as Hiltl and 34 Heritage offer a great selection of colored cotton pants.

If you’re in the mood for something dressy, try a light weight wool dress pant with a slash or a 5 pocket. A 5 pocket pant will be slightly more casual whereas a slash pocket (traditional dress pant pocket) will be dressier. Blue, tan, and light greys are a safe bet when looking for a spring or summer dress pant. Riviera, Ballin, and Hiltl offer a wide selection of colors and fabrics.

Last but not least, a light wash jean is always a must have for the season! Agave, 34 Heritage, and AG are brands that will offer the softest cottons that will allow breathability in the summer heat.

Remember, fit is everything, try and find brands that work for your body type.