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Colors for Fall!

Yes, I know, it's a sad time of year. Your boat is starting to see it's last work of the season, the 30 degree heat is slowly turning into 5 degree chills, and your shorts are slowly and painfully working themselves into the depths of your dark closet soon to be replaced by dark and heavy denim........but just wait.....there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Colors for Fall are the fantastic for menswear this year!

Let's start with greens. From casual pants to dress pants, from shirts to sweaters, greens are making a statement this year. Try something different in a green casual pant. It can give your wardrobe that versatility that it needs as it takes you away from the predictable browns and blacks that you're used to. Hiltl has produced a stunning casual pant this year.

Blacks and whites. Of course blacks and whites are always around; however, this year has paid particular attention to the subtle details of what makes a unique black or white garment. Take Bugatchi for example; they have added small details within the fabrication of their black shirts to give them a unique and exciting look.

Orange, orange, and more orange! I know I just convinced you that you'll be okay wearing just black and white this year. However, orange is huge again for this Fall! Sweaters, shirts, trousers, and ties can all be a way to add some color into your Fall wardrobe! Brands such as Bertigo, John Smedley, and Bugatchi offer a variety of items with orange.

And there you have it, something to look forward to after you winterize your boat!